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Wholesale and Bulk Burlap Sales

We can support your large one-off projects or your ongoing operation


Wholesale / Agricultural / Industrial / Governmental / Geotechnical /

We have thousands of clean, sorted and palleted bags for your immediate pickup or freight delivery. Nurseries, government agencies, landscapers, retail locations, beekeepers, farms and onion growers, geo-engineering contractors, and others needing bulk quantities of bags are all welcome. Feel contact us to order your one-time or ongoing supply or to discuss your specific needs.

Wholesale customers are welcome to contact us directly with a description of their needs. Palletload quantities of the exact grade and quantity of bags you need can be shipped to your jobsite, warehouse, farm, or restoration location on short notice. We're glad to quote prices and shipment costs via your preferred motor freight carrier or ours. contact us and let us know how we can be of service.

Custom burlap bags and projects

We've had the honor to work with several customers who needed custom sized burlap bags for their organization. We work with local resources to use our reclaimed burlap bags to create a custom burlap bags for your project.
Our knowledgeable manufacturing staff works directly with you and your project team to deliver an exceptional product using upcycled burlap. We work to produce a product to your specification within your budget. We design, source and manufacture right here in Seattle, WA, USA and are proud of our American made custom products.
We've worked with national non-profits, local retailers and brides to provide that special product. We even work with local silk-screeners to have your companies name and logo represented on the finished product.


Do you have customers coming to you asking for burlap? Burlap has seen an influx of educated and concerned consumers looking for an alternate material for their projects. These projects range from manufactured products to gardening.
We work with several retail locations to provide a steady supply of burlap for their customers. Burlap isn't only an impulse buy for customers but it's also a destination product; Customers will intentionally seek out your store to find a quantity of burlap for their needs.
As our partner, we will work closely with you to ensure your business is successful!
Take a look at our current list of retail partners and consider adding yourself to that list today. Contact us and let's discuss how we can make that work best for you.


For orders in Seattle proper we offer free delivery for the first pallet.
For orders outside of Seattle, we work with several freight shipping companies to ensure your product gets to you in a timely manner at a reasonable price. To maximize your dollars, we suggest you target orders of 300 bags or more. This will allow you to get the most value out of cost for shipping freight.